The world’s first tennis shoe, designed by a French-Russian designer, is now making the world a better place.

Giorgi Tchekretsev’s “tennis skirt” is a “very clever and interesting” piece of footwear, the New York Times reports, and its use of materials like tennis strings to create a high-tech, flexible and light-weight piece of tennis equipment that has a unique “dynamic range” that “saves energy in the running and sprinting” as well as providing a “comfort” and “weight savings” for athletes.

It was made of the “sole and sock” of the tennis shoe with the strings attached, which is “a really interesting combination” for tennis players, said the Times, while “it was a pretty good fit” and the “performance-enhancing qualities of the fabric” made it “a great shoe for those who want to compete on the tennis court.”

It’s a great piece of design for a tennis shoe because it gives the tennis player the “freedom to be a lot faster and to be much more agile, which makes it an incredible fit for a player who wants to be on the court a lot more often,” said Tchekeretsevo, whose “tenennis skirt”—which has been on sale at the French-French tennis store L’Equipe for three years—was designed to be the “first” tennis shoe to use a tennis string.


Tchekrev was born in 1920 in Moscow, Russia, and was educated at the Moscow Institute of Technology and later the Moscow State Technical University.

He moved to France in 1939 and was appointed director of the Paris Tennis Academy, where he designed tennis shoes for both French and Russian players.

G-1 Giorgi Tennis Shoes, the French tennis shoe company, has also been using tennis strings for several years, and has been in production since 2013, with Tchekhrev’s work being used in some of its shoes.

“Giorgis tennis skirt has been a great product, but it has been used in a lot of other tennis shoes,” the French Tennis Association president Olivier Bauwens said at the time.

“It is a product of exceptional technical and design innovation, which will continue to improve and improve over time.”

A photo posted by Giorgias Tennis Shops (@giorgisshoes) on Nov 18, 2017 at 11:58am PSTGiori Tchechrekretsevs work on the new tennis shoes has been lauded by the French government as “an extraordinary success” for the country.

“This is a very positive development, the work is very well done and the quality is really high,” Minister of Sport Thierry Meyssan told French radio station RFI in 2015.

“The tennis skirt is a great example of the innovation and the creativity of the new Giorgio Tchekyrev.

It will give us the freedom to run and to play.”

The tennis shoes, which are expected to hit the shelves in early 2018, are made from carbon fiber and polyester and are made to be “light, flexible, and lightweight.”

Tcheksrev designed the tennis shoes with “soul-inspired elements,” such as the string motifs that are found on the “nape” of tennis shoes.

The tennis shoes also feature “dynamically flexible material,” with the tennis strings embedded into the tennis socks and, as the Times points out, “the tennis skirt’s design allows a great range of motion with minimal effort, while maintaining a strong grip.”

The shoes were designed to withstand “the high impact forces experienced in the field of tennis,” according to the Times.

“The tennis shoe is designed for the sole and sock of the shoe,” according Tcheksres press release, “with the strings connected to the sole.”

“The design of the Giorgs tennis shoes is a perfect example of innovation,” Meyssans said.

“Its innovation, energy-saving features and unique dynamic range will become a major benefit to all sports athletes.”