In 2020, tennis shoe makers will be faced with a major dilemma: can they produce a high-end shoe that is comfortable and stylish enough to compete on a global stage?

Or is the sole of the shoe a luxury accessory that can only appeal to the most privileged?

The answer to that question will shape the future of the sport in a major way.

In a world of ever-increasing inequality and growing consumerism, shoe manufacturers will need to find a way to sell more shoes that appeal to a wide range of consumers and to make them as comfortable as possible.

And this is where shoe brands come into play.

They can offer a variety of styles that are both stylish and functional, and their designers can tailor their shoes to fit each person’s needs.

The key to a successful shoe is to make the shoe comfortable, stylish and versatile.

So which shoes will become the new luxury footwear of the future?