Paddling and tennis can be done without shoes, so if you’ve never done it before, here’s how.

Here’s how to play tennis without shoes without breaking the law.

It’s important to remember that there are plenty of laws against the use of shoes on the tennis courts.

For example, there is a $10,000 fine for using a tennis shoe while a court is closed.

Also, tennis shoes are not allowed to be worn under any circumstances, and anyone caught doing so will be fined a maximum of $25,000.

This rule is enforced by both the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) and the U,S.

Amateur Tennis Association.

You can find more info on these laws on the USTA website.

Here are some of the other things you’ll need to know before you play.1.

Tennis shoes are required to be under the court’s surface.

You must wear tennis shoes underneath the court if the surface is not clear.

You cannot use any of your tennis shoes in a court with no surface.2.

If you don’t have a tennis court, there are ways to play without shoes.

There are several ways to do this, including:1.

Playing a game on a soft surface such as turf.2, playing on grass, a synthetic grass surface or grass in a lake, river or stream.3.

Playing tennis on a synthetic surface, like a tennis ball.4.

Playing on the grass in front of the court.5.

Playing at the beach or in a park.6.

Playing with a friend on a grass court.7.

Playing against a friend using a ball.8.

Playing by yourself at the gym or on a treadmill.9.

Playing in a parking lot or a parking garage.10.

Playing outdoors on grassy areas such as lawns, hedges, etc.11.

Playing outside when you are not at home or in your own yard.12.

Playing using a mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device while using your tennis shoe.13.

Playing indoors using a television set.14.

Playing while wearing tennis shoes or a tennis racket.15.

Playing when playing tennis on the court during a competition.16.

Playing or walking in a crowded area.17.

Playing under a bridge or railing or over a bridge.18.

Playing anywhere where there are people.19.

Playing around a pool or pond, including playing in a pool without wearing a tennis shoes.20.

Playing without a tennis player on your back or knees.21.

Playing out of sight in a public place.22.

Playing if someone else is in your way.23.

Playing for a prize if you lose.24.

Playing from a distance.25.

Playing an event where there is no spectator.26.

Playing where the court is being used by other people.27.

Playing through a crowd.28.

Playing off-court with a child or someone under the age of 16.29.

Playing online while wearing a Tennis Shoes Tour Shirt or Tennis Shoes Tournament Jersey.30.

Playing after dark.31.

Playing during a rainstorm.32.

Playing near a fire hydrant.33.

Playing alone in a restaurant or bar.34.

Playing inside a hotel or motel room.35.

Playing across a street or in an alley.36.

Playing just outside of a car window.37.

Playing behind a locked door.38.

Playing between cars.39.

Playing next to a moving vehicle.40.

Playing above a moving truck.41.

Playing as a spectator on the beach.42.

Playing like a spectator in a theater or other public event.43.

Playing over a street sign.44.

Playing along a busy highway or in the middle of traffic.45.

Playing, or attempting to play, a game where you are unable to see any players.46.

Playing more than once during a tournament.47.

Playing to increase your chances of winning a tournament if you are the only player playing.48.

Playing close to a fence.49.

Playing away from a fire hose.50.

Playing right beside a fire.51.

Playing before a person who has not been asked to leave the court or has been asked by the court to leave.52.

Playing within a stadium, concert venue, etc., when there is more than one court or court location available.53.

Playing the wrong way around a barricade or gate.54.

Playing onto the edge of a bridge, over a fence, through a gap in a fence or in or on the ground near a bridge railing.55.

Playing too close to the surface of a beach.56.

Playing into a ditch.57.

Playing directly in front or in front-left of a vehicle or person.58.

Playing down the middle.59.

Playing closer to a tennis courts edge than the court itself.60.

Playing farther than the surface line.61.

Playing far enough away from the court for your partner to be able to see you