A tennis girl who allegedly raped a 16-year-old boy has been arrested in the UK after allegedly trying to sexually assault a 14-year, unnamed boy.

The 16-y-old was in his car on the A3 motorway at Liverpool when he was approached by a man who tried to take his mobile phone.

The man allegedly made the remark “You got a lot of friends” as the boy reached out for his phone, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

The teen told police he tried to avoid the man but was unable to.

The court heard that the accused was arrested by police on Thursday night.

The girl was remanded in custody until February 1 when she is due to return to court to face charges.

The boy’s mother told the Liverpool Echo that her daughter was “shocked and confused” and that she was “deeply disturbed” by what had happened.

She said she was not in any pain and had been suffering from depression and anxiety since the alleged incident.

The alleged victim, a 14 year-old, told police that he had been in the car with the suspect at around 4am on Thursday when the accused approached and asked him to get out of the car.

The teenager said the man asked if he wanted to have sex, but he refused, and told him to leave, the court heard.

Police were called to the scene and the teenager said he had taken off his clothes in the vehicle before getting in and asking the accused if he had “gotten in trouble”.

The accused said he didn’t have to, but that he did want to, and the teen told him, “I’d rather have a good time”.

The boy told police his friend had told him about the alleged attack.

Police said that the suspect was arrested and taken to Liverpool Police Station where he was interviewed by detectives and charged with sexual assault.

The teenage suspect told police: “I’m a bit confused.

I was in a car and I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The alleged incident took place in August 2017 in the city of Liverpool and happened after the boy was playing football with friends.

A statement from the Liverpool District Crown Court said: “On Thursday afternoon at approximately 4am, a 16 year old boy was approached in a vehicle by an unknown man who asked him if he would like to have sexual intercourse.

The accused did not consent to this and did not object.

The complainant then left the vehicle, the victim was then approached in the street by an individual in a dark coloured or black hooded sweatshirt who attempted to kiss and touch him inappropriately.

The victim told police the man then tried to grab his mobile device and put it into his pocket, which he refused to let him do.

The suspect then attempted to leave the scene but the victim resisted him.

The offender fled the scene, which took place at an undisclosed location.

The young victim has since spoken to police and is assisting police with their enquiries.”

The girl said she felt “shaken up” and was not happy about what had taken place, but added: “The man did not deserve to be in my life.

I feel terrible.

I’m really upset.”

The 16 year-olds mother, who is currently in the hospital recovering from an infection, said: “[The accused] is the only person I know.

A 17-year old boy who was allegedly raped by a 16 y/o girl in England in 2017 was also charged with the same offence in March this year. “

It’s sad that they did this to my daughter and I’m very upset.”

A 17-year old boy who was allegedly raped by a 16 y/o girl in England in 2017 was also charged with the same offence in March this year.

He was later acquitted after the teenager told police a man had threatened him for taking the phone.

A 16-yr-old male boy was charged with rape in January this year after he allegedly raped another teenager in the same area.

The other boy, who cannot be named, was told by police he was in the process of walking home and had no recollection of the alleged offence.

Police in England arrested two 16-yo boys and charged them with rape following the alleged sexual assault in the West Midlands in 2017.

The pair were found guilty and given a 12-month suspended sentence.

The charges relate to an incident in March 2017, where the accused allegedly raped an unnamed 16- yr-old at an address in the area.

He later admitted to the rape and is currently serving a 12 month suspended sentence at HMP Huddersfield.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Liverpool Borough Council said: “”We would like say a huge amount of thanks to the victim’s family for the support they have given us.

If you are concerned about someone or know someone in your area who needs support, you can contact the Childline helpline on 116 123 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”