A tennis player has won $500 million in a $1 billion bracelet made out of gold and silver, a record-setting prize that’s just the latest of many milestones that have come in the world of the game.

According to Forbes, the record-breaking bracelet was bought by an American named Mark Zuckerberg from an undisclosed bidder in November 2015.

Zuckerberg is worth an estimated $10 billion and the bracelets are worth around $250,000 apiece.

Mark Zuckerberg’s $1,000,000 tennis bracelet, made out from gold and Silver.

Source: Forbes/Mark Zuckerberg article Zuckerberg’s win is the second-largest of its kind, following a $3.5 million bracelet bought in 2008 by a Chinese businessman named Wang Jianlin, who also owns the Facebook.

In total, there have been five such record-breakers in the past decade.

Marketing guru James Park has been a big fan of the bracelet for years.

He was instrumental in convincing Facebook to include the feature on the app in 2013.

Park said the bracelet was a game-changer for the tennis world.

“For years, it was a bit of a mystery how many tennis players had even made it through to the final round of a tournament, let alone won the trophy.

That changed with this bracelet,” Park said.”

The bracelet is something I feel strongly about, it’s the way that I’d always felt the tennis community should be represented, and it’s a reflection of the level of commitment, passion and ambition we have for tennis.”