UAE tennis stars Mohamed El-Haddadi and Ahmed al-Moussawi have both been rated the #2 tennis player in the UAE.

The two players have become world No.1s at the Dubai Tennis Championships, and are currently ranked No.2 in Dubai.

A tennis court is pictured in the Emirates city of Jeddah, November 13, 2018.

Dubai Tennis is set to return to Dubai on Thursday (Nov. 15) for the first time since the start of the 2022 World Cup in Russia, with tennis players from around the world competing in the tournament.

The UAE Tennis Federation, which organizes the tournament, confirmed that the tennis stars were rated #2 on the world’s tennis rankings and have now been awarded a number of medals and prizes at the tournament so far.

Al-Mounoussawy was ranked #5, while El-haddadi was rated #6.

“We congratulate Mohamed and Ahmed on their great achievement in their careers and look forward to the start and finish of the World Cup at Jedda,” the federation said in a statement.

“We wish them and their families well for the future.”

Dubai will host the event in 2018.