The Amazon Prime membership, which allows customers to pay a monthly fee for exclusive content and services, is the most expensive in the world.

The average Amazon Prime member spends about $2,100 per year, according to research firm eMarketer.

Amazon has been making moves to attract shoppers.

Earlier this year, the company announced a deal with the NFL for a $250 million TV rights deal.

In 2017, Amazon launched a “new” version of its Prime streaming service, the $99 Prime Video service, and a series of new ad-free videos.

All of those initiatives have come at a cost: The average Prime member is paying more for the service than the average American household, according the report.

The company has been trying to get shoppers to switch over to its own streaming service in an effort to cut costs.

The company says it has signed up more than 5 million people, with another 7 million people already signed up for a streaming service that includes Prime.

The average Prime subscription costs $45 per year per subscriber.

That’s more than $4,000 per person, and that’s more expensive than the median household income in the US, according eMarketers.

The median household is about $57,000, according research firm Technomic.

The study also found that the average US household earns $3,400 per year.

For many people, the price of streaming services is just too high.

The eMarkets study found that Amazon Prime Video has about 5 million subscribers, and the average Prime subscriber is paying $2.50 per month, or $1,600 per year — more than 10 times the cost of an average household.

The same study found the average Amazon subscription costs about $15 per year for members and $5 per month for non-members.