Shoes are on sale in Australia this week, with the opening of the NBA 2K18 exhibition and the return of the tennis grips for tennis shoes.

The NBA 2X game will be available on the new iPad and iPad mini this Friday, June 29th.

As the first major tennis game to be released on an iPad, there are many new features for players to get into.

First, players will be able to switch between four types of grip in the game, each with its own unique set of settings.

Players will also be able choose from three styles of shoes, and two styles of tennis shoes that will allow them to play against different styles of players.

Players will also have a variety of other items available to them, including the ability to purchase a new tennis grip.

For instance, a new grip will allow players to play on a more neutral surface and can be switched to be played on a harder surface.

The new tennis shoes will be sold by the Australian Tennis Association and will cost $50 a pair.

The second set of tennis shoe options will be for players who like the feel of the grip that is the tennis shoe brand.

These tennis shoes feature a grip design that is slightly higher and wider than the standard tennis shoe.

Players can choose from a pair of tennis grips that feature the same feel, but with different grips.

Players can also choose from tennis shoes from the tennis company Tennis Shoes, which has a range of different styles, such as the “Tennis Grip” and “Ticket to Tennis”.

The new basketball shoes are for players that like the “Thick, Full Range, and Ballistix” style of grip, which is a full range of grip options.

The basketball shoes will cost players $50.

There are also new tennis tennis shoes available to buy for the NBA Championship.

The NBA 2x game is available now for $39.99.

The Basketball Shoes for the 2X is available on Apple’s online store for $40.99 and can also be purchased in-store.

Players who want to try out the new basketball grip in their tennis shoes can download the free tennis grip demo app from the NBA2K18 app store.