The NBA Finals are about to get a lot of attention from fans.

As of this moment, a majority of the game’s fans are watching the game on TV.

Here are some things you need to know about how the NBA is trending: The NBA Finals will be streamed live on NBA TV on Monday night.

It will be the first time the NBA has streamed its entire Finals series since 2009. 

The finals are set to begin at 6:00 p.m.

EST on Monday.

The game will be broadcast on NBA Network and NBA Mobile. 

Here are the NBA’s top storylines heading into the series:1.

The Rockets have a chance to go all the way in the Finals and win the series 2.

The Lakers will be in control for the majority of Game 4 and win it 3.

The Cavaliers will win Game 5 in a close Game 6, but Cleveland will likely be eliminated in Game 7.


The Raptors will win their first title in franchise history, but the Pacers will sweep the series and take home the NBA title.


The Warriors have a shot at winning the NBA championship but will need to come back from a 3-0 series deficit to do so. 6.

The Thunder will take a three-game lead into Game 6 and have a game in hand, but a comeback win could see them take home their second championship.


The Heat are expected to beat the Clippers in Miami.

They’ll likely end up with a win in Game 5, but there’s a chance they’ll lose Game 6 in the conference finals.


The Jazz are expected in the finals but they’re still without Derrick Favors and Rodney Hood.

They have to win Game 6 to win the championship 9.

LeBron James is expected to return from his hip injury in the next few weeks.

He’s expected to be available for Game 6.


The Celtics will have to beat Golden State in Oakland.


The Clippers will be eliminated from the playoffs in San Antonio and the Spurs will take home a second championship in three years.


The Mavericks are expected back in the playoffs after beating the Cavs in Cleveland.

They’ve been eliminated from playoff contention for the second time in three seasons.


The Bulls are expected at least in the semifinals but could finish a wild-card spot.


The Knicks have a decent chance to win their second title in three NBA seasons.


The Pistons will take on the Heat and win in Miami but could be eliminated if they lose Game 5.


The Bucks will be looking to take home another NBA title in their final regular-season game.


The Grizzlies will win back-to-back playoff series after beating Golden State and Houston.

They will also face the Thunder and Clippers in the Western Conference Finals. 


The Pacers will win a franchise-record 15 straight regular-game games to advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

They’re expected to make the Eastern finals.


The Spurs will win four straight regular season games to reach the Western Finals.


The Nets will win two straight games to go to the conference semifinals.


The Suns will be swept in the first round by the Celtics, Raptors, and Jazz.


The Cavs will go to back-and-forth games with the Warriors and Thunder, then end up winning Game 7 to win a second straight title.


The 76ers will win seven straight games in the series.


The Hornets will win six straight in the East.


The Pelicans will win five straight regular games against the 76ers.


The Kings will be going to back to back series with the Jazz and Lakers, and the Pelicans will beat them in the final two games to make it to the NBA finals.


The Trail Blazers will win three straight in a row to reach back-tand-beyond the Western Division Finals.


The Timberwolves will end up losing a playoff series in Oklahoma City.


The Wizards will go into the conference semi-finals after beating Boston in the second round.


The Nuggets will win 10 straight games for the first win in three games.


The Sixers will be favored to win this series, but could lose Game 7 if they’re eliminated in the NBA semifinals.


The Hawks will win 12 straight regular series in the Northwest Division, but they’ll be eliminated.


The Magic will end their playoff run with a sweep.


The New York Knicks will make it eight straight playoff appearances without winning a game.


The Washington Wizards will make their third straight playoff appearance.


The Dallas Mavericks will have the best record in the league with a record of 41-17.


The Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder will be facing off in the Eastern Division Finals, and both teams will end with two straight wins.


The Indiana Pacers will be hoping to make history as the first team in NBA history to win four consecutive games